Update 1.0.1

Find out about the 1.0.1 Advanced Taxi Job Update

What has changed:

  • From now on, only players with the "taxi" job (configurable) can do the Taxi Job, if it is set that way in the config file. This option can be disabled.

  • QBCore Only: You can now easily switch between your vehicle keys system in the config file.

  • Taxi Company is now usable, boss menu has been added (requires ox_lib).

  • Every time a player completes a government route or rents a taxi vehicle, cut of what the player pays is deposited into the Taxi Company (configurable).

  • Taxi Company owner now has the possibility of checking the balance in the company, withdrawing money, the price of the company and the possibility of selling the company to the government.

  • Boss Menu can be accessed via target (ox_target, qtarget, qb-target)

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