Accessing the Menu

Find out how the EMS Workers can access the Dispatch Menu and how to configure it.

Accessing the Dispatch Menu is by default set to F10 keyboard key. But that can be changed very easily, even with the escrow protected version.

How to change it

First of all, go to client/open_menu.lua. If you want the default key (F10) to be changed, you will have to change that in the RegisterKeyMapping FiveM native:

Using trigger events

If you want to use trigger events instead of using command & key, that is also possible.

You will have to delete all the content from client/open_menu.lua and repace it with a registered net event. Example:

AddEventHandler("uniq-emsdispatch:openUI", function(bool)
    showUI(bool, bool)

Later on, this trigger can be used for switching between UI elements by simply triggering the event:

TriggerEvent("uniq-emsdispatch:openUI", true)

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